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It’s hard to say how legends begin. Destined individuals come together to fundamentally change the world. These wide-shouldered giants, these shakers of status quos, can see what is yet to be seen. They transform culture and bend worldviews to their will.

Yah, that’s not Squeezebox.

Squeezebox Industries is simply a hardworking little co-operative that wants to entertain and enable the modern mobilist. Founded by long-time friends and Catan rivals, Wayne Pearson and Duane Wheatcroft, Squeezebox is dedicated to creating mobile services, games, distractions, experiments, and the occasional useful tool.

It should be noted that neither Mr. Pearson nor Mr. Wheatcroft play the accordion or concertina, but they know someone who does.

So why the name then? Squeezebox came from an early prototype that took the entrenched touchscreen “pinch“ (enlarge and reduce) and turned it into a game mechanic. While that project is on the shelf for the time-being, the name itself stuck – a reminder that nothing is written in stone and that what’s been established is the springboard to something new.